Transport drogowy

Euro Logistics Ltd Sp. z o.o. arranges road transportation in Poland and the rest of Europe. The road forwarding we provide is a comprehensive solution, flexibly tailored to the individual needs of our Customers. We care about our Customers’ satisfaction and ensure comprehensive forwarding services, and direct supervision and inspection of the cargo logistics handling. As we work with many transportation companies, the size of the shipment is of no importance as we can organize both full and partial truck loads.

As far as means of transportation are concerned, we mostly employ standard semi-trailers (tarpaulin, mega, tautliner) 13.6 ldm – 24 000kg.
At customer’s wish we also organize transportation for other types of semi-trailers:
- Covered trucks up to 1.5 tonnes
- Covered trucks up to 3.5 tonnes
- Covered trucks up to 6 tonnes
- 100-120m3 unit
- Platform
- Low loader platform
- Isotherm
- Refrigeration truck.